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“If man will use the machine with creative spirit, it will be the slave and liberator of humanity”

(Frank Lloyd Wright)

The company was founded in 1978 by a group of technicians, who decided to pool their experience reached in industrial automation, with the goal of providing support tailored to each customer project.
MAEET 2 designs and realizes electrical and electronic equipments for the automation of assembly lines, complete of testing and technical assistance.

MAEET 2 manufactures and supplies the measuring instruments “MAC” (Measuring, Analysis & Control), high-tech, multi-channel measurements devices to be configured according to the needs of the end user.

In 2013, with the acquisition of the brand and technology Kelmer, MAEET 2 extends the range of measuring instruments with control systems in production: press control, leak measures, torque measurements, electric presses.

Collaboration and after sales service:
Since the first contact the staff MAEET 2 is at the customer side, in order to consolidate the cooperation at every stage: from the realization of the job order till to after-sales.



Since 1978 MAEET 2 provides advanced solutions for industrial automation in the field automotive. Recently MAEET 2 has chosen to use SIMATIC controls of new generation as S7-1200 and S7-150 in a production line.

This line was commissioned by one of the largest automobile companies in the world and requires a high speed production but at the same time high accuracy and reliability because the product is a delicate component for the operation of the automobile.





Design and construction machine control systems, PLC, Scada, Robotics, Transporst, Industrial automation, Control panels, electronic assemblies.





Kelmer designs, develops and produces measuring instruments that are used in production processes where the respect of cycle times, the accuracy of measure, the reliability of results and the prompt assistance are critical and unavoidable factors of the process.